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Tetknight Education and Young Farmers

in association with TEF-Accra Ghana

Tetknight Education and Young Farmers is a UK registered Not For Profit Company, with charitable aims. It was established as an NGO in 2003 and restructured in 2022 to fund sustainable educational programmes, young farmers and women's self-help initiatives in Greater Accra, Ghana.

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Our Mission

Tetknight Education / Young Farmers is a charitable institution that creates opportunities and transforms lives. We aim to fund sustainable education programmes, support young farmers and promote Women’s Self-help initiatives in Greater Accra, Ghana.

The charitable projects were founded and have been funded by Charlotte Nightingale since its inception as an NGO. Our focus is on providing education, help for young farmers, fish farming, crops, and women’s projects.

Tetknight UK and Ghana Members

The team not only dedicate their time for free, but all running costs and expenses are borne by the Founder of Tetknight, TEF-Ghana, Charlotte Nightingale, so all donations are 100% guaranteed to go directly to the child you sponsor/cause you support. The members do not benefit from any personal financial gains.

With the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) fast approaching, target 2015, Charlotte and her team are determined to deliver on their promise. They are on target to help as many children as possible, to take them out of poverty.

The following people serve on the committee and support TEF-Ghana, which is now a registered NGO in Ghana.

Our Team

Charlotte Nightingale

Founder TETKNIGHT, TEF-Ghana

Charlotte is the Tetknight Founder and chief fundraiser for TETKNIGHT EDUCATION PROGRAMME, a UK registered Charitable Organisation.

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Jerry Tetteh

Director TEF-Ghana

Jerry Tetteh is the Ghanaian representative supporting Charlotte with the organisation’s vision.

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Harriet Johnston

General Secretary TEF-Ghana

General Secretary of TEF-Ghana, provider of school uniforms and payer of children’s school fees

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Communications, Graphic Design

Natalie started helping Charlotte with some small administrative tasks in 2016 and has continued to be part of the team.

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Sheila Macdonald

Committee member / Fundraiser

Sheila has devoted her services to adults and children with disabilities and mental health, working in the community, in residential homes and in home to home respite care for 30 ...

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Savahna Nightingale

Admin Support

Savahna is a TV broadcaster and award-winning journalist, who has produced documentaries across Africa.

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Bonita Nightingale-Muster

Admin Support

Bonita works as the Senior Chemical Market Analyst for Maritime Strategies International (MSI).

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Chris Muster

IT Support

Chris is a Front-End Software developer who currently works on e-commerce websites with the award-winning 9xb agency.

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We have been going since 2003, helping young people break the cycle of poverty.


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Our Goals


  • Increase enrollment of primary school children.
  • Provide access to sustainable primary and secondary education to children in our target group, including the provision of materials, stationery, equipment, computers and funds.
  • Change lives and make a difference through Education, Training and Technology.
  • Promote diversity and gender equality.
  • Focus on sustainable uninterrupted education.


  • Provide youth training and apprenticeship with a consortium of qualified, professionals and artisans, to provide specialist services, mentoring, guidance and employment.
  • Provide transferable skills, including non-formal education, carpentry, mechanics, wood work, building and IT.
  • Develop their skills for increased opportunities to participate in the Ghanaian, and global market economy.
  • Offer real improved chances in life to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Increase opportunities for improved life chances and real job opportunities.

Young Farmers and Women's Initiatives

  • Support young adults’ enterprises, to promote self-reliance and gender equality, and to offer a broad base genuine help where it is needed; including health and well-being projects.
  • Special focus on women economic empowerment through sustainable self-help micro economic income generating activities.
  • Provide vocational training, and other transferable skills, dressmaking, hairdressing, bread-baking, market trading and shop management.
  • Improve health and wellbeing, self-reliance and most significantly to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Encourage community based partnerships to acquire the requisite knowledge/power to participate in decision making, management and implementation of the projects.
  • Provide training and apprenticeship in Agriculture and Agro Business, leading to Certification, and Farm Management.
  • Supporting and sponsoring the next generation of Agric Farmers, to improve employment and long term Food Security.
  • Overall our aim and vision is Increased Capacity Building, to engender long term sustainable economic freedom, while addressing the Millennium Development Goals (MDG)
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